Blackfriars Catholic Churches Partnership

St Cuthbert's, Throckley

A brief history

Mission commenced in 1905 and was served from St Georges, Bell Close with Mass being celebrated in Walbottle Store Hall. The building of a new school opened on 25th May 1931 and the new parish of St Cuthbert’s was formed in 1935
In 1968 permission was given to build on a sloping site originally as a parish church / hall with sliding doors which separated the sanctuary and hall and a presbytery with a view in future years to add a church - which was never carried out.
The furniture is of simple design a light-coloured timber and a large corona of a Crown of Thorns is suspended over the altar.
Over the years the hall has been enriched to denote its use and for many years held a Christmas Party for all of the elderly in the Throckley /Walbottle/Newburn community.
It has also been a forerunner in ecumenical terms by holding Stations of the Cross and Christmas Carol Services as well as Soup Lunches over the Lent and Advent Seasons